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Check out pictures from our first quilting retreat!

Finished quilt photographs may be viewed on our Gallery link for quilt pics.  Enjoy!

The ladies from our first retreat.  November, 2011  


Front row:  Dianne, Gerry, LaVonne, Debby, Donna, back row: Peggy, Rita, Tess, Sandy, Glenda, Earlene, Joyce   

2nd row:  Peggy, Rita, Tess, Sandy, Glenda, Earlene, Joyce 

sewing area, awaiting our ladies our first arrivals - Debby and Sandy
Joyce getting set up Tess and Rita
Joyce, Glenda, Debby, Sandy Lavonne and Gerry getting started
Peggy and Donna Dianne and Earlene
Joyce and Glenda Peggy
Debby & Sandy.  Notice the twig propping the machine at an angle! Tess, Rita, Joyce, & Glenda.  Hard at work!
Dianne, Earlene, Tess, & Rita.  Lots getting done! Lavonne & Gerry.  Caught you at your snack!
Peggy hard at it while others go for a walk. Scavenging!
Choosing prizes! Dianne & Carol, our illustrious leader! getting in a sewing time.