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Quilting Services


Please scroll down to highlighted area and make sure you have


included all information we need before sending a quilt top to us. 


YES!  We can quilt your t-shirt quilts.  However, please be advised that we ONLY stipple t-shirt quilts.  We will stipple up to and around iron ons, screen printings, patches, etc., but NOT over them.  Thus a regular quilting pattern cannot be requested. 

Turn around time for finishing quilts is generally 4 to 5 weeks EXCEPT during the Christmas rush which runs from October through January (see note below).  If you require quicker service, there will be a minimum "Rush Job" fee of $25.00.  This fee may be larger depending on how quickly you require it and the intricacy of the quilting pattern requested.


If you need it for Christmas, it must be received in our shop by October 2nd.  If we receive it after that date, we will not guarantee it for Christmas, but should you wish to "rush order" it, a minimum surcharge of $25.00 will be added to the bill and we will work evenings to make certain you have it in time.  Surcharge for Christmas quilts is based upon the date we receive it and the intricacy of the work requested.



Looking for something in particular? Have questions?  Contact us and let our knowledgeable staff help you!

Sending a top to be quilted?

  Please include the following with your top:

                 Name Type of batting required
                 Address Quilting pattern desired or if our choice
      Phone Number Backing desired
               E-mail Do we bind?

Do you want to insure your return package(s)?  If so, dollar amount required.

If any of the choices in the above right hand column are not included with your quilt top, we will use poly batting, we will choose a complementary quilting pattern, we will use either white or ivory tonal backing, and we will bind.  Additionally, unless a specific thread color is requested, we quilt with white.  If you have a preference, please make it known! 


Also, please call or email so that I know your quilt is on the way, especially if you need it by a certain date!  We do not open boxes when received-they are dated and logged in to our "to be quilted" list but we do not open them until we are ready to work on them.  This ensures that everything in the box stays in the box and nothing gets misplaced.    


                                                     Quilting for Baby Quilts (unless special quilting is requested) is $18.

All* other sizes can be quilted for $25-$95 for an all-over pattern (scroll down for pattern samples & pricing)

*If your quilt is larger than 114" square, it may qualify as an "over-sized" quilt and will be priced accordingly. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests you may have.

Polyester Batting Cotton  Batting
Baby Quilts:   $9.00 Twin:  $26.00
Twin, Full, Queen:  $14.00 Full:  $30.00
 Regular King:  $16.00 Queen:  $32.00
Oversized:  Call for pricing King:  $38.00

Binding is $20 if you include binding fabric.  If we use our binding fabric, the cost is $30.00, except for baby quilts.  We will bind a baby quilt with our fabric for $20.00.  Oversized quilts, scalloped edges, prairie points, or other such binding requests will incur a surcharge dependent upon size and difficulty.

Binding is machine stitched to the quilt top and then whip stitched closed on the back for a quality finish.

108" backing is available in white tone-on-tone and ivory tone-on-tone.

If it is an embroidery quilt with hand-quilting lines, I can do it on my machine for $65 - $125.

If you would like us to use your backing, batting, and/or binding, we will be happy to do so, but please remember, for us to be able to use these items, backing must be 6" larger each direction than quilt, batting should be 4 inches larger, and binding must be cut 2 1/2"* wide.  Example:  If your quilt top measures 90 x 100, then your provided backing must be at least 96 x 106, and your batting 94"x 104".  Additionally, if you are using a sheet as your backing, you must remove the seams and press them open before sending it to us.  If we have to do this there will be a surcharge.  If you are doing the binding, we don't do the trimming, if we are binding, we will return to you the trimmed scraps of your backing provided they are at least 3" wide and the binding provided it is longer than 12".  Anything smaller than that we consider "waste" and discard unless otherwise requested.   Additionally, if you are providing the backing and require us to piece it to size, there will be $10.00 surcharge.

*Minky backing needs to be 10-12 inches larger than quilt.  If something other than regular cotton (such as flannel, wool, etc.) is to be used for binding, it needs to be cut to 3".  You may also send the binding to us and we will cut it as needed and return any leftovers to you.  Just be certain to send enough to finish the project!

Please contact us for more information and specific pricing.

Prices do not include shipping or applicable sales tax.  When your quilt is complete, we will box it and weigh it for shipping charges and call you with the total amount due for shipping and services rendered.  You may pay us with a credit card at that time or mail us a check.

Listed below are quilting patterns we offer.  The number in parenthesis next to some patterns is the height of the pattern.  Some of the patterns have two prices.  The first is for quilting full size and smaller, the second is for queen and regular kings.  Stippling varies depending upon size of quilt and density desired of quilting.



Angel Wings - $45.00/ $55

up through full size $45

Queen & Reg King $55




Arrows - $25.00


Baby Curls - $45/60

up through full size $45

Queen & Reg King $60`

Celtic Scroll - $65/ $90

up through full size $65

Queen & Reg King $90



Chaos - $55/ $65

up through full size $55

Queen & Reg King $65`


Cloud (7") - $30/45

up through full size $30

Queen & Regular King $45



Cotton Candy

Large - $25

Small - $45







Curly Feather - $95



Daisy (7") - $25/40

up through full size $25

Queen & Reg King $40


Double Hearts - $45/60

up through full size $45

Queen & Reg King $60


Double Steam - $45/60

up through full size $45

Queen & Reg King $60


Fancy Cloud - $45 /$55

up through full size $45

Queen & Reg King $55


Feathered Flowers - $70


Flames - $75


Flirtatious - $85


Flowering Pond - $85


Ground Cover - $75


Heart Loops - $50/60

up through full size $50

Queen & Reg King $60

Hedge (9") - $65


Holly - $45/$60


up through full size $45

Queen & Reg King $60

Interlocking Hearts - $40/55

up through full size $40

Queen & Reg King $55




Ivy (7") - $25


Judy's Roses - $90


Meandering Stars - $70/$85

up through full size $70

Queen & Reg King $85


My Sister's Heart - $70


Oriental Illusions - $30/ $45


up through full size $30

Queen & Reg King $45

Ribbon Dreams - $60


Rose Vine - $50


Ruffles (9") - $25



Sea Foam - $70



Seaside Swirl - $60/70

up through full size $60

Queen & Reg King $70


Simple Feather Meandering - $60/$75


up through full size $60

Queen & Reg King $75



Star & Crescent (10") - $25



Stars & Loops - $65


Steam - $45/60

up through full size $45

Queen & Reg King $60

Stippling - $55 - $150

Depends on closeness of stitching requested and the size of the quilt.  Stippling is a meandering all over stitching with no set pattern.  The above pic is just for reference.



Surf's Up (7") - $25


Sweetheart - $65


Swirl (9") - $25

Tangles - $75



Trumpet Vines - $45/ $55

up through full size $45

Queen & Reg King $55


Water Lily (Single) - $65/ $75

up through full size $65

Queen & Reg King $75

Wave & Figure Eight (5") - $25/40

up through full size $25

Queen & Reg King $40

Whatever - $55/ $65

up through full size $55

Queen & Reg King $65


Which Way Did They Go (16") - $40



Winding Plume - $75 - $95

up through full size $75

Queen & Reg King $95


Winter White - $65