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Please note:

If you need your quilt for Christmas, it should have been received in our shop by October 1st. If we receive it after that date, we will do our best, but will not guarantee it for Christmas delivery. Should you wish it guaranteed after the cutoff date you may "rush order" it, and a minimum surcharge of $25.00 per quilt will be added to the bill and we will work evenings and Sundays to make certain you have it in time. Surcharge for Rush Order Christmas quilts is based upon the date we receive your top and the intricacy of the work requested.

                                        Welcome to the world of affordable quilting!

We do not charge by the inch as so many places do.   We believe it shouldn’t cost a small fortune to finish the quilt tops you’ve worked so hard on. Except for baby quilts, which can usually be quilted for $18.00,  we charge by the quilting pattern for our expertise.  Check out our Quilting Services page for pattern pricing and you’ll understand why our customers join us in being “Happy Crafters”.

Come see us in person!  We are the oldest full service quilt shop in Miami County, KS.  We can help you from start to finish with your quilting projects, answering your quilting, fabric, and embroidery needs with knowledgeable and friendly service.

Not interested in sewing your own quilt?  Browse our finished quilts for purchase.  We will be happy to help you pick something we've already completed or we can assist you in choosing a color scheme and we'll make a quilt to order that is just right for your needs.



We have been providing quality products and superior workmanship under the same owner for over 30 years.  




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