Pea Pod Babies

SKU: BQE Pea Pod Babies

Welcome to the magical world of Pea Pod Babies! This irresistible quilt features babies sleeping peacefully inside their cozy pea pod beds. Transport your little one to the land of dreams and watch as they drift off into a perfect slumber!

These cute babies in pea pods are embroidered in bright colors, then framed and sashed in complementary fabrics. Although all fabrics/colors may vary, we try to keep to the same color theme, and the back is always a fun "kid" print.

Finished size is approximately 41"x 53". At just over 4' long, these generous sized baby quilts can be used for many years.

Colors and fabrics may vary.

We machine embroider the blocks, frame and sash them together with colorful prints and quilt & bind the edges all right here in the shop.

Machine washable.